[Ifeffit] Demeter 0.9.23 in multi-user environments

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Oct 19 09:20:42 CDT 2015

On 10/19/2015 10:11 AM, Godfrey, Ian wrote:
> I tried to install to a system folder (Program Files) and the
> installation completed fine, however the software will not run for
> some reason (it runs fine when installed to its default location).
> The symptoms are as follows:
> The cmd window and splash screen pop up, before disappearing again.
> This occurs even when explicitly running the shortcut as an admin.
> I have attached a log file from Athena.
> This looks, at least superficially, similar to Matt Noerpel's
> problem?

I will try to find a moment to try installing it in that way on a 
computer here.  Could take a while, though.

> To my eyes it seems as if the best solution would be to allow
> multiple installations on one PC (one in each user directory). I
> don't know how easy this would be, or if it could cause other
> problems though.

Perhaps I could figure out how to make the removal of the prior 
installation issue a dialog box so you can opt not to do the removal. 
Again, it will take me some time to get there.


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