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fred.mosselmans at diamond.ac.uk fred.mosselmans at diamond.ac.uk
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Diamond is happy for anyone to download them.  I find the program vlc works well for them.
We put them on our anonymous ftp site, but occasionally they are cleared
The current link is:

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Hi Wuhib,

This is a sufficiently general question that I am forwarding my answer
to the mailing list.

The videos are not my property, they belong to Diamond.  You are
correct that the manner in which they are streamed does not allow for
jumping around, but there is nothing that I can do about that.

You also mentioned that Shu had given you a download link (I have not
included the link what I echoed blow because I do not know if Shu and
the folks at Diamond want that link advertised).  I have no trouble
downloading or running them.  Once downloaded, I can jump around as
expected.  If you are having "browser/network" issues, that seems like
a problem for you (or your institution's IT folks) to solve.  Again,
there's nothing I can do about that.

Final point, please use the mailing list in the future rather than
writing to me directly about issues related to the software.

Good luck,

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Subject:         XAS tutorial videos
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From:    Wuhib Tamrat <tamrat at cerege.fr>
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Hello Bruce,
My name is Wuhib and I am a PhD student in Aix Marseille University
(France). I am recently being introduced to the world of XAS and I found
your training videos from November 2011 at the Diamond Light source
quite helpful.

But the problem is that the streaming version does not give the
flexibility to go back and forth to specific times in the lecture video.

So I was wondering if you could find a way to send me the videos, if you
have them and if it is not much trouble.

Thank you.


PS: I received a link from Dr. Shu Hayama but as he himself guessed I
am having difficulty playing and downloading the .wmv files due to
probably browser/network related issues.

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