[Ifeffit] No plot window on Mac El Capitan

Chloe Yi-Yi Wu yiyiwu2016 at u.northwestern.edu
Wed Oct 7 12:26:12 CDT 2015

Hi Bruce,

I just upgraded my mac from mountain lion to el capitan. I was using the
old version, iXAFS, but I can't launch it on the new el capitan. I then
installed Demeter with Macport by following the instructions. However, I'm
not able to plot the data in athena and artemis.

I read the thread about "no plot window on Yosemite", but still have no
clue. I can plot gnuplot in aqua, x11 and wxt. It seems whenever I quit
gnuplot to launch athena and enter gnuplot later again, it will always go
back my default terminal, aqua, no matter how I set terminal. Is there a
communication problem between Demeter and aqua? I'm not familiar with these
commands, to be honest. If I did something wrong, please advise.


Yi-Yi (Chloe) Wu
Kung Research Group
Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL USA
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