[Ifeffit] problems with deglitching in D-Athena 0.9.22

bajnoczi bajnoczi.eva at wigner.mta.hu
Sat Oct 3 13:40:04 CDT 2015

Dear Ifeffit Staff,

  I have just installed the most recent version of Demeter on my computer 
both on Windows 8 64-bit as well as on a Virtual (WMware Player) Ubuntu 
14.04.3 64-bit machine.

  I have exactly the same problem with both versions when I try to 
deglitch my data. When I go to the Deglitch and Truncate window, and 
choose the option "Choose a point" the plot appears with dots. So far it 
seems ok. Initially the orange crosshair is on the first data point. 
When I try to double-click on the point to be removed happens nothing at 
all. I can do whatever I want, the crosshair stays on the first measured 
data point, and stays there, so I only can remove this one.

  I've already consulted with the mailing list, but none of the proposed 
solutions worked for me. I have downloaded the DeglitchTruncate.pm from 
Github and upgraded my version, as well as set the energy shift to 0, 
but nothing helped.

  Do you have any idea what can be the solution for this problem?

  Thank you for your answer and help in advance.

Éva Bajnóczi

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Wigner Research Centre for Physics

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