[Ifeffit] Problem with Perl interpreter

Wojciech Olszewski wolszewski at cells.es
Mon Nov 16 01:53:52 CST 2015

On 11/13/2015 11:41 AM, Bruce Ravel wrote:

>Hi Wojciech,

 >Why are you installing perl independently of Demeter? Do you have some 
other use on your >computer that requires you to install perl? 
Installing another version of Strawberry Perl is >almost certain to 
clobber Demeter. Demeter is currently using perl 5.18, which is not 
binary >compatible with 5.22. So, when you install the other version of 
perl things will break. If you >take care to install a very recent 
version of Demeter to a different installation directory >than you use 
to install Strawberry 5.22, it is possible that the two can be made to 
co-exist. > >If you install them to the same installation folder -- say 
C:\strawberry -- then Demeter is >guaranteed to be broken be due to the 
binary incompatibility. So ... did you install the other >version of 
perl prior to noticing that Demeter was broken? If so, there are ways to 
proceed, >but it may get a bit complicated. At the very least, you can 
uninstall both packages completely >then resinstall Demeter. That should 
leave you with a functioning Demeter, but it may break >other software. 
Did you install Strawberry 5.22 because you have some other use for perl 
on >your computer? If so, can your other software work with the version 
of perl that comes with >Demeter? That is, do you really need Strawberry 
5.22? Executive summary: I think you problem is >binary compatibility 
between perl version, of which you seem to have two on your computer. If 
 >all of that doesn't solve your problem, it's going to take a lot more 
effort to troubleshoot >the problem.

>Good luck!

Dear Bruce,
The timeline of this problem was as follows:
1) Demeter was working fine;
2) One day I couldn't run any of the Demeter software - error message "Per interpreter has stopped working;
3) Reinstallation of Demether - the problem is still there;
4) Installation of perl (in other folder, not the same as Demeter) - the problem is still there;
5) Mail to mailing list;
6) Deinstallation of Demether and Perl;
7) Installation of Demeter.
Unfortunately the problem is still there. I receive the same error message.
Best regards,


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