[Ifeffit] new build of the Demeter installer for Windows

Anna Wolska awolska at if.pw.edu.pl
Sat May 30 09:26:54 CDT 2015

Hi All,

I'd like to thank Bruce for reacting so fast to my request for 
polarization. (And for fixing the labeling issue.) Sorry for the delay 
but I was slowed down by a beamtime and my ancient laptop with 12'' 
screen. However, thanks to the failure of Lufthansa boarding system I 
got plenty of waiting time on my way home and here are the results.

I started tests with the reference data. In the old version I had an 
impression that amplitudes of some of the paths are significantly 
overestimated. Now their amplitudes are closer to what I expected and 
the fitting parameters for them are more reasonable. Parameters for 
other paths are more or less the same to what I got from the old version 
of Artemis. Seems OK to me.

I noticed few problematic things mainly in the Atoms part of the 
program. When I close the project and open it again the list of paths 
changes. I am getting some additional paths in polarization. I also 
managed to crash the program quite often, usually on the feff 
calculations. This does not depend whether the polarization card is 
active or not. I will try to investigate it a little bit on a real 
computer and will send more detailed report on the problems later.

In summary, the polarization seems to work nicely but one has to be 
careful about these additional paths.


On 26/05/2015 20:16, Bruce Ravel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have made quite a few changes to my analysis software in recent
> weeks in response to comments on the mailing list.  I think that
> everything from recent weeks is in the latest build in some form.
> I am not quite ready to declare this a proper release with a new
> version number, so it can be found at
>    http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/#windows
> as "Pre-release trial version #4".
> Among other things, this corrects the recent deglitching problem, adds
> support for linear polarization in the Feff calculation, and attempts
> to streamline the plotting of a sum of paths (see the top of the
> Actions menu in the data window).
> I would be grateful if the two people who recently asked about
> polarization (Shaoib Muhammad and Anna Wolska) could try Artemis and
> let me know if you think it is working correctly.  I have done quite a
> bit of testing, but one never knows....  I am not 100% confident that
> everything is implemented quite right.  I could easily have missed
> something...
> See the change log at
>    https://github.com/bruceravel/demeter/blob/master/Changes.org
> for the changes that are in this trial version.
> Cheers,
> B

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