[Ifeffit] Peak at short distance in FT - YbVO4 nanoparticles

Raj kumar rajrk37 at gmail.com
Fri May 29 10:54:22 CDT 2015

Dear All,

Recently, i have performed EXAFS for YbVO4 bulk (prepared through sintering
process) and nanoparticles (at room temperature). Nanoparticles were
synthesized by co-precipitation technique and their EXAFS was measured by
passing the prepared solution using peristaltic pump. After all subtraction
(background and solvent), nanoparticles XAS data were recovered and
processed for the fitting. After Fourier transform, it was observed that
both nanoparticles posses an additional short peak (or shoulder) at about
1.2 A from bulk. Since the peak appears much closer to 1 A, i suspect this
may due to artifact or bad background subtraction. Hence, i would like to
know the way to eliminate this peak at short distance.

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