[Ifeffit] Data being overwritten in Artemis history window

Godfrey, Ian i.godfrey at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Mar 15 20:53:32 CDT 2015

>If you see any other questionable behavior in the history window let me
>know. I think I understood the ramifications of the fix I made, but I am
>not 100% certain.

This doesn't occur in the history window, but I can only reproduce it in 0.9.22 Pre 2 (not in Pre 1*) so I think it might be related:

I can't reopen any project files I saved in this version (I can reopen older files fine, though). Artemis loads as usual but, no sooner have all the windows appeared than they disappear again and Artemis shuts down.

I think you can reproduce this just by saving any project file and attempting to reopen it, but the following steps should definitely work:

1) Import Athena data
2) Setup QFS fit
3) Run the fit (optional)
4) Save the project
5) Close Artemis
6) Open the project by double clicking on it.

I've attached an Artemis log and project file. Windows 8.1 Ent x64, Demeter 0.9.22 pre 2 x64.

All the best,


*While I can't create project files that won't reopen in pre 1 I can't open the dodgy files generated by pre 2 either.
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