[Ifeffit] Importing data with the new version of Athena

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Mar 9 08:09:54 CDT 2015


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Here is Sander Bruun's question:

> For some reason I am unable to import data directly from *.dat files
> in the new version of Athena. It says I may be needing a plugin, but
> I do not know how to install it. Can anybody help. It worked fine in
> some of the older versions of Athena, but I cannot find and install
> them now.


That's not enough information for me to answer the question.  "*.dat"
is not a file format.  A file called "*.dat" can (and usually does!)
contain almost anything.  Without an example of the sort of file that
is giving you trouble, I cannot possibly know what's going on.

If your data comes from a particular beamline, it's possible that you
simply need to enable that beamline's plugin.  There are a couple
plugins that come with the software related to specific beamlines at



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