[Ifeffit] Two plotting related glitches in Athena

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Mar 4 13:22:40 CST 2015

On 03/02/2015 04:32 AM, Godfrey, Ian wrote:
> 1) Sometimes lines on a plot disappear when zooming/scrolling. This
> typically happens with steeper lines. In the video you can see it
> occurring when I scroll up and down - sometimes it also occurs
> immediately when I try and zoom in. (I guess this could be an issue with
> GNUPlot, rather than Athena?)


I have no idea what the cause of this is.  The best thing I can think of 
to try is to replace gnuplot 4.6.5 (somewhat old -- Feb 2014) with the 
recent 5.0 release.  I'll try to remember to do that the next time I 
build a Windows installer.


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