[Ifeffit] Two plotting related glitches in Athena

Godfrey, Ian i.godfrey at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Mar 2 03:32:23 CST 2015

?Dear All,

I encountered two (apparent) bugs related to plotting data in Athena. In both cases I think they're best expressed via video screencaps so please see the links with each bug report (both of these links are valid for 10 days only). Both of these are occurring in Athena 0.9.21 x64 on Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64. An Athena log file is attached.

1) Sometimes lines on a plot disappear when zooming/scrolling. This typically happens with steeper lines. In the video you can see it occurring when I scroll up and down - sometimes it also occurs immediately when I try and zoom in. (I guess this could be an issue with GNUPlot, rather than Athena?)

Video: https://wwwa-e.ucl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dropbox/dropbox.cgi?state=pickup_info&id=139f8bfe

Password: 2725d459

2) When using the pluck function to set indicators (possibly in other situations too, although I haven't noticed it there) if you don't double click to pluck the point fast enough after clicking the pluck button the software plucks a nonsense value instead. (The halo around the cursor is supposed to show when I click, but it seems to show up when I leave the cursor stationary and at some other times too, so don't rely too much on that... when I don't double click the point I've left the cursor entirely off the Athena windows). (Sometimes when this happens it seems that you need to replot the graph to be able to pluck again, but I can't reliably reproduce that behaviour.)

Video: https://wwwa-e.ucl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dropbox/dropbox.cgi?state=pickup_info&id=37d81203

Password: 2725d459




Ian Godfrey

PhD Student,

UCL/JAIST Programme

Industrial Doctorate Centre in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science,

Department of Chemistry,

University College London


School of Materials Science,

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

i.godfrey at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:i.godfrey at ucl.ac.uk> i.godfrey at jaist.ac.jp<mailto:i.godfrey at jaist.ac.jp>
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