[Ifeffit] Feature request - Hephaestus: Plot multiple standards at once

Godfrey, Ian i.godfrey at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Mar 2 01:33:49 CST 2015

Hi Bruce,

#If you wanted to finish off the annotations and send them to me, that
#would be a welcome contribution.  This file can be found on your machine
#at C:\strawberry\site\perl\lib\Demeter\share\standards\standards.ini.
#The location and people are the same for all the Ag data in that project

I've sent a expanded version of standards.ini to you via GitHub.

The points of interest I added were all identified from the derivatives.

I've assumed that all the data were recorded by the same people (Lenke et al) as the dataset titles ("merge from...") all displayed the same original file path which matched the files already added as being recorded by Lenke.

All the best,


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