[Ifeffit] Question about deglitching EXAFS data

Francesco Marafatto Francesco.Marafatto at unil.ch
Mon Jun 29 14:41:35 CDT 2015

Hello All,

I have enjoyed this digest in the past and found it very helpful! I hope it may provide an answer to my question.

I am collecting Mn EXAFS data out to k of 15 Å-1, and the data look fine. However, the monochromator (Si 111) has 5 strong 2-point glitches and 3 minor 1-point glitches in one of the regions that I am most interested in (k between 5 and 9 Å-1).

My question relates to how many data points I can remove before influencing the data. In my previous experience I have removed 2 or 3 points but never more. I have read through the deglitching section of  “XAFS for Everyone”, and think that I could oversample the EXAFS (with k steps of 0.03 Å-1 vs 0.05 Å-1), but most of the data have already been collected. 
Is there a rule of thumb about deglitching? In other words, is there a limit to the number of bad points I can eliminate for an EXAFS scan to k of 15 Å-1? 

Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


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