[Ifeffit] Issues with Athena on high-performance systems

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 25 15:00:12 CDT 2015


We run Athena on non-wimpy Windows 7 systems at our beamline computers all
the time,  using both 64- and 32-bit Windows, and typically on multi-core
machines with at least 16 Gb RAM and multiple screens.  Like Robert, we
don't see any real performance problems with a handful (<50) spectra.
Athena rarely makes a very big dent in the system resources (well,
comparable to a web browser, so a bit of a hog, but well under 1Gb RAM).

Perhaps what you're seeing is related to the plotting with Gnuplot.  I'm
not sure why that would be a problem...  Any ideas?



I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing issues with Athena in more
high-end systems running Windows 7? While I am used to having to wait for
the *first* plot to show  up, the software is virtually unusable to me now
where any slight change (e.g. modifying range for the spline) to already
imported data takes up to over a minute to replot. This didn’t use to be
the case for me. The system is a laptop running Win 7 Professional with
2.40 GHz i7 CPU/16 GB RAM with plenty of space on the hard drives and a
dedicated Intel HD 4600 graphics circuit.

If anyone has a work-around for this problem or can suggest anything to
make Athena usable again, it would be most appreciated. Has anyone noticed
previous versions of Athena running more smoothly?

Best regards,



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