[Ifeffit] Issues with Athena on high-performance systems

Nils Skoglund nils.skoglund at ltu.se
Thu Jun 25 11:06:22 CDT 2015



I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing issues with Athena in more
high-end systems running Windows 7? While I am used to having to wait for
the first plot to show  up, the software is virtually unusable to me now
where any slight change (e.g. modifying range for the spline) to already
imported data takes up to over a minute to replot. This didn’t use to be the
case for me. The system is a laptop running Win 7 Professional with 2.40 GHz
i7 CPU/16 GB RAM with plenty of space on the hard drives and a dedicated
Intel HD 4600 graphics circuit.


If anyone has a work-around for this problem or can suggest anything to make
Athena usable again, it would be most appreciated. Has anyone noticed
previous versions of Athena running more smoothly?


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Nils Skoglund, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher

Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Luleå University of Technology
SE-971 87 Luleå 


Cell           :  +46 (0)72 529 52 08

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