[Ifeffit] how to manage Demeter with a newer FEFF version ?

M. Janeth LOZANO RODRIGUEZ janeth.lozano-rodriguez at esrf.fr
Mon Jun 8 04:13:33 CDT 2015

Dear XAFS community,

I wondering about the availability to use a newer FEFF version in 
Demeter. Since my knowledge only I can run FEFF6. In my case I found 
different discrepancies using FEFF6 and FEFF9 in the determination of 
bond length distances for instance. In terms of review of papers, 
reviewers ask to use a newer version instead FEFF6. These points 
strongly suggest me coming back to the obsolete Athena/Artemis version.

On this obsolete version, you can download the paths generated by FEFF8, 
FEFF9. This issue is really useful when we have access to FEFF 9, for 
example.  Is there any option to implement this nice feature in Demeter? 
Does anyone have an idea how to do it?

Kind regards
Janeth Lozano

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