[Ifeffit] Demeter won't start in Windows 7

Sin Yuen Chang sinyuen.chang at postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Sun Jul 12 06:30:12 CDT 2015

Hi William,

I don't know what went wrong but I had a problem showing similar symptoms on my Windows 8 machine. I did similar things as you: un-install and re-install Demeter, trying different versions, looking up in the mailing list, etc. but at the end all I had to do was to un-install, delete the demeter folder below, and re-install: 


This is the path where you find your dathena.log file. Not sure whether this would work for you though, but no harm in trying... 

Best wishes,
Sin-Yuen Chang

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Hi everyone,

My copy of Demeter on my Windows 7 machine stopped working at some point in the recent past, so I have re-installed it, but I still have the same problem - a command window and splash screen open briefly, before disappearing.

In my Path variable I have bumped the perl addresses up above the MinGW one, as suggested in one of the common fixes, but this did not solve the problem. I had a good look through the mailing-list archive for similar problems to mine, but each seem to be different (the log file errors were different). I have commented out the appropriate lines in the batch files, but, predictably I guess, this only had the effect of removing the splash screen when the program attempts to start-up. I have also played around a little installing newer versions of Strawberry, but similarly to no avail.

If time permits, would anyone mind helping me interpret my log file (attached)? I'm not really computer literate enough to understand what is written there!

Grateful thanks in advance,

William Nash
PhD Student, Experimental Petrology
Earth Sciences Department
Oxford University

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