[Ifeffit] Solution to running Demeter on an ORNL computer

Mullins, David R. mullinsdr at ornl.gov
Thu Dec 17 09:31:38 CST 2015

After having run Athena and Artemis for years on my office computer in Oak Ridge they suddenly stopped working. The command prompt window and "credits window" appeared briefly and then shut down. I tried upgrading from v 9.21 to v 9.24. This didn't help. The problem appears to be similar to what was reported in October 2015 by Matt Noerpel on EPA computers.

The problem is related to the restricted Administrator privileges imposed by ORNL IT. To install new software we temporarily obtain Administrator privileges. When we do this it changes our User Directory from our standard User Directory to Admin. Demeter's default is to install in the current User Directory which is now the Admin directory and apparently programs installed there won't run when Administrator privileges are gone.

To solve the problem I changed the installation directory from Admin to my User Directory name in the long line "Install Demeter in ...". Note that I just substituted my User Directory name for Admin and didn't change any of the other directory specifications.

Hope this helps. I suspect that as time goes by many other national labs and companies will institute similarly restrictive Admin privileges.


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