[Ifeffit] Unable to export flattened normalized XANES spectra from Athena 0.9.24

Jeff Catalano catalano at levee.wustl.edu
Tue Dec 8 17:09:51 CST 2015

I am looking for some help with a possible error on my part or bug 
associated with exporting normalized mu(E) spectra from Athena 0.9.24 
64-bit on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I have some Si XANES data with a 
challenging background shape that is well removed through careful 
normalization in Athena, as long as the "Flatten normalized data" option 
is checked. When I save the current group as norm(E), what is saved is 
the non-flattened normalized data. The checkbox for flattening the data 
has no effect on what is exported despite changing what is plotted. I 
have verified this by comparing the files exported the the flatten box 
checked or unchecked. I have tried this with multiple data files loaded 
in multiple formats (raw beamline data, simple two-column E and mu data, 
PRJ files) and the effect is always the same. It is also unaffected by 
the normalization ranges I select. No matter what options I select 
Athena 0.9.24 will only save non-flattened norm(E) data.

This behavior is different from what I remember, and I have verified 
that in version 0.8 of Athena the exported norm(E) was the flattened 
data, provided that the flatten box was checked (of course). I have been 
unable to determine if I have any errors in the settings in version 
0.9.24 but all parameters that I can find are identical in both 0.9.24 
and 0.8. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Athena 0.9.24 and the 
effect is still the same. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Is this 
a bug?

Thank you,

Jeffrey G. Catalano, Associate Professor
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University
1 Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1169
Saint Louis, MO 63130

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