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Hi, Kug-Seung,
Bruce has written a very nice manual for Athena and Artemis. You may find the informaton you need through the following links.

Good luck!




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Hi everyone,
While I was processing my data, I found that the FT features are changing as I change the spline range.
I think the change is severe as my data contain a lot of noises at high-k regions (above 12k).
The change is remarkable even when FT range is fixed and even when the spline range is far from the low and high limits of FT range.
When data are imported into athena, the defalut values for spline ranges from 0 to the end of measured data and the high limit of FT range is set to  a value of the high limit of spline range minus 2.
There must be a relationship.
Could anyone explain these things and general rules for setting the spline range?
Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,
Kug-Seung Lee

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