[Ifeffit] XAFS short course in BNL on Nov 5-7: Save the date

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Dear IFEFFIT subscribers:

Please save the dates, Nov. 5-7, 2015, of the annual XAFS short course in Brookhaven National Laboratory. As many of you may know, we vary our themes from year to year, and we also vary the target levels for participants from beginners to intermediate to advanced. This year the target level for participants is "advanced", as suggested by the course title "Advanced topics in XAFS data modeling". It is similar in scope to our other courses on this subject (the latest one was offered in Brookhaven in 2010) that are available online:


This time the course will be divided in two parts: non-linear analysis methods (FEFF theory-based) and linear methods (based on methods of multivariate analysis and linear algebra such as LCF, PCA and MCR-ALS).

Nov. 5 (Thursday) and Nov. 6 (Friday) will be devoted to lectures and demonstrations of the software.

Nov. 7 (Saturday) will be practical session,  in which registered participants will practice problem solving methods discussed in the previous days.

Confirmed instructors are: Alain Michalowicz, Stephen Wasserman, Faisal Alamgir, Scott Calvin and Anatoly Frenkel. A full list of instructors and additional information on the course will soon appear on BNL web site. Participation in the practical data analysis session will be limited to 30 registered attendees, although auditors are welcome to attend the lectures and demonstrations on Thursday and Friday.

For any inquiries please use contact info on the course web that will soon come online.

Best regards,

Anatoly Frenkel

Yeshiva University

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