[Ifeffit] Demeter installation on partition "d" on Windows 7 32 bit -- programs do not start

Rene Genz liebundartig at freenet.de
Wed Aug 5 10:26:11 CDT 2015

Dear sir or madam,

I would like to file a bug report.

I can reproduce the problem with the following versions of Demeter:
downloaded from:

I have not tested other versions.

I am using Windows 7 32 bit.
I could reproduce this problem on two different computers with Windows 7 
32 bit.

During installation you are asked to define the installation directory.
The default value is:

If you specify:
and continue with installation there are no error messages.
However, after installation Artemis will not start. The start picture is 
shown but vanishes after a second. No other output.
I tried Hephaestus (if memory serves right) and it has the same problem.
I did not try other programs from the Demeter package.

The log file taken from "%appdata%\demeter\dartemis.log"
produced by Demeter_Installer_for_Windows_0.9.23_(32)_pre1.exe
is attached.

The mentioned files in the log are present.
I replaced / with \ in the terminal commands:
 > dir d:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\auto\Ifeffit
  Volume in drive D has no label.
  Volume Serial Number is 7CA2-C104

  Directory of d:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\auto\Ifeffit

05.08.2015  17:03    <DIR>          .
05.08.2015  17:03    <DIR>          ..
25.06.2014  16:18                 0 Ifeffit.bs
08.07.2014  14:19           795.136 Ifeffit.dll
                2 File(s)        795.136 bytes
                2 Dir(s)  11.455.164.416 bytes free

 > dir d:\strawberry\perl\lib\DynaLoader.pm
  Volume in drive D has no label.
  Volume Serial Number is 7CA2-C104

  Directory of d:\strawberry\perl\lib

15.04.2014  18:12            25.696 DynaLoader.pm
                1 File(s)         25.696 bytes
                0 Dir(s)  11.455.164.416 bytes free

A workaround is:
- uninstall demeter
- install demeter to default installation directory "c:\strawberry"

Kind regards,
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