[Ifeffit] Measuring particle size by coordination number

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Mon Aug 3 03:41:44 CDT 2015

Hi all,

             Sorry, I may be asking a question already asked in the mailing
list, but I am unable to get it from the earlier discussions.

                I am reading one of the research article ´´ Determination
of crystallite size in a magnetic nanocomposite  using extended x-ray
absorption fine structure´´ .J. Appl. Phys,. vol 94, page 778, 2003

               In this paper there is a formula N_nano =
[1-3/4(r/R)+1/16(r/R)^3]N_bulk, which you said can be used in the Artemis
for extracting the  particle size.

               I am trying to use this formula for determination of size of
Ni particles in an Ni / Al2O3 catalyst. From TEM the size determined is
around 4 nm.

               So, I am trying to fit the theoretical model of Ni metal to
the sample data in the Artemis

               I defined a guessed parameter R and then put the whole
formula for S02 = amp*(1-(0.75*(Reff/R))+(0.063*(Reff*Reff*Reff/(R*R*R)))).

               The value of R I am getting is 0.81 (0.05) which is quite

               Is there something I am missing in the formula or I have to
define the N seprately for sample cooridnation number.

              Currently, I am using only the first path in the fitting.

With thanks

Abhijeet Gaur

*Dr. Abhijeet Gaur*
*Post doctoral fellow in the  Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer
Chemistry *
*Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe Germany.*
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