[Ifeffit] Athena reporting incorrect element on import

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Hi, Ken,

try to load your data as raw data and let the Athena normalized your "already normalized" data again. As far as I understand, the normalized data for Athena means special format of the data (equidistance E step?) which you do not get from your treated data.

Hope it helps a bit,


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I am having a number of issues with importing my data into Athema, the data that I collected was on the carbon K edge. As there is an issue with recording carbon (as it builds up on the mirrors), the synchrotron that I performed my measurments at (Australian Synchrotron) has developed software to perform a double normalization to remove these effects.

The problem comes when importing the now normalized data into Athena. As it doesn't require normalization again, I select the norm(E) data type and the correct column for energy and response which produces the correct plot of the data. When I click OK it attempts to produce the other plots, sometimes it manages to make a k-space and R-space but q-space is never displayed and other times it only manages the energy plot. Additionally, the word element is lit up red and it has selected beryllium as the element on the L2 edge. Changing this to carbon does not seem to fix the problem as it reverts back to beryllium as soon as I leave the main page.

Finally, when I go to peak fitting, any value added for peaks informs me that it is out of range.

I have attached some normalized data.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Ken Latham
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