[Ifeffit] problems re-opening Athena project

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Sep 16 15:36:53 CDT 2014

On 09/15/2014 03:39 PM, Foster, Andrea wrote:
> Bruce, attached are some data files...
> btw looking through Athena manual I did find lots of helpful
> instructions on import, but not specifically on how to import chi(k)
> files.  if you could let me know how to do it, that would be great!


The data were helpful.  Thanks.

The thing I discovered is that Athena was making a number of mistakes
related to importing chi(k) data.  The reason for this (this is not an
excuse, just an explanation of what happened) is that I assume that
Athena users will start from raw data so she's much better tested when
starting from raw data.  Import of chi(k) data was kind of an
afterthought for me and, therefore, rather poorly tested.

I think I have put Athena in a better state with respect to importing
chi(k) data.  I even found and fixed a rather serious problem with the
LCF tool after importing chi(k) data.  I think that which was your
original motivation for sufffering through Athena's many shortcomings :)

I need to do some testing on Windows and then I'll need to build a
pre-release package for you to try.  All of that will take a few
days.  But I'll get there.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reporting the problem in the
first place.  Demeter would be much much worse were it not for patient
people reporting their problems using the codes.


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