[Ifeffit] problems re-opening Athena project

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Sat Sep 13 14:20:51 CDT 2014


Your project file is horribly, unrecoverably broken.  A project file in 
that state is unusual in the sense that I do not know how you got there 
and I do not know how to replicate it.

To understand what went awry, I would have to know more about how you 
got to that point.  For starters, it would help to see the data that you 
imported into Athena to begin with.  A screenshot of the state of the 
column selection dialog right before clicking the OK button would 
probably help also.  I'll probably have more questions after that.

Bottom line, you found a neat, new (to me) way of breaking my program. 
Clearly the work of an experienced EXAFS person!! :P

On 09/12/2014 08:51 PM, Foster, Andrea wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am an experienced EXAFS person, but not having a lot of luck using Athena.
> I am trying to set up an Athena project for linear combo fitting.
> I can get the data + model compounds imported, and I can save a project
> file.  However, after saving and closing the file, the next time I try
> to open, I am asked to re-import the data from the project file (I think
> this is a normal part of Athena)...
> Inline image 4
> ...but when I try to select importing as chi(k) instead of u(E), I get
> the following message

This is certainly not related to the problem with the project file, but 
I want to point out that the box in the project selection dialog is 
labelled "Plot as", not "Import as".  Its purpose is to display the data 
in different ways to help you decide what data you might want to import. 
  Data is always imported from a project file in the same manner as it 
was imported from the raw data file regardless of how you choose to plot 
it before clicking the import selection button.


> Inline image 2>
> after "ok-ing" this message away, I can't get any farther.  Importing
> the data as u(E) doesn't give the appropriate results.
> I am also attaching the aforementioned project file.
> thanks for any help with this, andrea
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