[Ifeffit] errors importing Artemis project with quick first shell paths

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Oct 28 15:27:09 CDT 2014

Hi Ian,

Glad the QFS business seems solved.  Thanks for that bug report.

> Regarding the initial guesses this is what I experience (I've
> managed to understand the symptoms a bit more specifically now): I
> set up the initial guess values in the GDS window and run the
> fit. When I've finished working I save the project and exit. When I
> reload the project the initial guesses for guess parameters with an
> initial guess of 0 are set to the final guess from the previous fit
> (see attached screenshot of GDS + history window to
> demonstrate(artemis gds init guess 0 bug.png)).

Again, good eye.  I was using the value of the initial guess as a
logical flag to choose between the initial value and the best fit
value as the value to display.  An initial guess of 0, of course,
evaluates false, thus it would display the best fit.  That's just a
silly programmer error and will be fixed in the next trial release.

> Regarding the issue I mentioned at the start about reopening project
> files I made in 0.9.21 I've attached the following (project + logs
> from 0.9.21 and from similar issues I've experienced (very)
> intermittently in 0.9.20):
> Project file saved in 0.9.21 that I can't reopen - artemis testing.fpj
> Log file from trying to open it (0.9.21) - dartemis.log
> Project file saved in 0.9.20 that I can't reopen - dualedgefitting.fpj
> Log file from trying to open it (0.9.20) - dartemis_current.log

I will look into this, but not today.  I was in a meeting since 9
am... :(


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