[Ifeffit] Setting E0 for imported data

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Oct 27 16:26:51 CDT 2014

On 10/27/2014 05:08 PM, Scott Bechler wrote:
> My question regards the E0 of the data and standard scans. Even though
> the scan itself shifted, the E0 still remains where it was when I
> imported it, prior to aligning the reference channels. The peak itself
> shifted, but the program still marks the E0 at the previous peak
> position. Is this an issue?

That behavior is by design.  It's not obvious to me that shifting the
E0 value by the same amount as the alignment energy shift is the
correct thing to do in any given situation.  Not doing so seems like
it will cause the least surprise.

> If so, how do I adjust the E0 of the scans
> the same amount that the reference channels shifted?
> It does say how much the scan shifted, so I went in and manually changed
> the E0 of each scan so that it correlated with this shift. Would this be
> an effective solution? If this does solve my problem, is there a less
> labor-intensive way to solve it in the program?

You can never go wrong by the manual approach, but it is tedius.
Happily, there are many labor-saving features in Athena.  Here's some
reading from the manual:

Constraining parameters:

Energy menu, which has options for operating on all groups or on the
marked groups:

Processing your data as it is imported:

While there are certainly other things that Athena /could/ do in this
area, I have found that being adept at the features described on those
manual pages takes most of the tedium out of the sort of chore you are
asking about.


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