[Ifeffit] errors importing Artemis project with quick first shell paths

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Oct 27 09:10:07 CDT 2014


I am starting a new thread for your email.  It is only peripherally
related to the problem discussed in the other thread.

The main problem was two mistakes in how a quick first shell path was
brought back to life when importing the project file.  I'll explain,
although one of the problems is rather technical.

Mistake #1 is related to the option for auto-generating variables.
That flag was not turned off, so the auto-generated parameters got
regenerated, over writing the ones you chose.  Yikes!

Mistake #2 involved an assumption about the order of entries in a
hash data structure while bringing the QFS path back to life.  That is
extremely sloppy on my part because the order of hash entries is not
predictable.  This was leading to the intermittent aspects of the

> Dear All,

> Sorry for resurrecting this old thread but I've been experiencing a
> bug that produces very similar symptoms and that I guess may be
> related; but that won't be solved by Bruce's fix. Details are as
> follows:

> Software: Demeter and 0.9.20 x64 (possibly earlier releases
> too) on Windows 8.1 x64 (I've never observed this bug on Windows
> versions before 8, but I've been using Windows 8 as my main OS for a
> while now so that may be coincidental)

> Steps to reproduce: I run a fitting project using quick first shell
> fits and save it. When I re-open the project around 80% of the time
> the problem occurs.

> Symptoms: When I re-open the project around 80-90% of the time one or
> more of the following occurs:

> - One of the quick shell paths completely loses all its information
>   (including path information which isn't editable by the user,
>   parameter info etc; see attached screenshot)

I believe that I have fixed this.

> - Parameter info for one or more paths is reset to the default
>   (i.e. if I've named a path delrauau it's renamed dr_ag_au_1)

Again, I believe that I have fixed this.

> - In the GDS window starting values for parameters that have a
>   non-zero starting value are set to their previously guessed value,
>   rather than the starting value I set (ie. If I set ss as 0.003 and
>   during the fit it is guessed to be 0.001 when I reopen the project
>   the starting value will be set to 0.001) and "restrain" parameters
>   are changed to "guess".

I have examined the history of your project.  At no point is a fit
saved with a restraint.  The GDS windows is filled correctly according
to the contents of your project file.  Also, the initial guesses are
all entered into the GDS window with the values I see in the history.

Are you saying that you have made a restraint, saved the project, then
had Artemis fail to remember that you had made a restraint?

> - Phase correct fitting boxes are unticked (sometimes in an
>   "impossible fashion" where the "plot with phase correction" option
>   is set but no paths have the "use path for phase corrected plotting"
>   option set)

I don't understand how that can be a problem.  The default is not to
plot with phase correction.  I don't save the state of that button in
the project file in any case.

I need to do a bit more testing, hopefully I'll make a new trial
release package for your to test before the end of the day.


> Attachments:

> Noinfo.png - screenshot of Artemis when path info is lost
> Reset.png - screenshot of Artemis when parameter names are reset
> Dartemis.log - Artemis log file when opening a project that has this problem
> Artemis.fpj - Artemis project file that displays these symptoms.

> Please let me know if you need further info/files.

> Thanks,

> Ian

> Ps:
> OK, things got weird while preparing this bug report: The file in
> question stopped opening at all - Artemis loaded and went through
> loading fit x, x+1 etc., once it finished (not exactly sure what
> stage) it just closed. And then, after several attempts, started
> working again, as if by magic, before I'd saved a log file.... If I
> can figure out how to reproduce this I'll send more info...

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