[Ifeffit] Athena does not React after 2-4 steps

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Oct 22 08:43:02 CDT 2014

I need to see the C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Roaming\demeter\dathena.log file.

You don't need to guess what information to send me.  I explain it clearly here:



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Subject: [Ifeffit] Athena does not React after 2-4 steps

Dear Bruce and dear mailing list,

Athena stops working after doing a maximum of four steps (f.e. removing
points, import data,...) when running on my PC with Windows 8. It either
says "not responding" or just shuts down. Whenever Athena shuts down the
errors in the .txt in the directory of the project differs. But it
always looks like this:

          line 0: warning: Skipping unreadable file
          line 0: No data in plot

only the file name changes. But there's never a file with that name in
that directory.

Sometimes there is as well a window opened that says: gnuplot.exe is not
working anymore.
I've deleted the Roaming\demeter folder but it didn't end the troubles.

Hope there is a way to end this problem.

Sincerely yours

Michael Koemm

PS: There is also one of my projects in the attachment.

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