[Ifeffit] XAFS Analysis using Ifeffit

Latta, Drew E drew-latta at uiowa.edu
Thu Oct 16 10:01:07 CDT 2014

Hi Ke,

Unfortunately, it looks like your data is showing the classic symptoms of self-absorption . The white line for UO2 is fairly pronounced, and should look like the attached picture.

Not sure on the setup at 12-BM-B, but next time ask if you could collect both fluorescence and transmission data at the same time. It can really save your behind.

You can dilute in whatever low Z compound you’d like, I think things like SiO2 and boron nitride are common because of their low Z. Graphite might work also. Powder smears on tape are pretty common because you can fold/unfold to vary the amount of material in the beam. (though one can’t manipulate those at the beamline with a dispersible rad powder like UO2.)



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Sorry here is the picture!

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 9:37 AM, Ke Yuan <keyuan at umich.edu<mailto:keyuan at umich.edu>> wrote:
Hello Drew,

Thanks for your suggestions. I just checked my original data without normalization. The edge step is about 0.7 (see pic attached). I did the measurement in fluorescence mode at APS, beamline 12-BMB. What do you think about this pic?

For the sample preparation, I think I need to mix UO2 with some other materials to dilute it. Do you have any suggestions on the matrix materials?


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