[Ifeffit] "PCA not enabled" on Mac version of Demeter: Athena

Schima, Frank frank.schima at nist.gov
Fri Oct 3 14:15:14 CDT 2014

Hi all,

While I’m unsure what PCA is, PDL and PDL::Stats are available and installed with Demeter(-devel) in Macports.

$ port installed | grep pdl
  p5.16-pdl @2.7.0_5 (active)
  p5.16-pdl-stats @0.6.5_0 (active)

I don’t have an explanation for what the problem might be. I won’t be able to look into this until Monday at the earliest.


On Oct 3, 2014, at 1:01 PM, Bruce Ravel <bravel at bnl.gov<mailto:bravel at bnl.gov>> wrote:


There is no a priori reason that PCA should not be available.  That said, Athena is careful to fail gracefully (i.e. with that message displayed) when it fails to find the bits that make PCA happen.

My guess is it's a packaging issue on MacPorts.  Let's ask Frank!


Are PDL and PDL::Stats dependencies for the Demeter package on MacPorts?

A quick perusal of the available ports at macports.org<http://macports.org> suggests that there may not be a package for PDL::Stats for the version of Perl you are using.  That seems rectifiable....


On 10/03/2014 02:50 PM, Ellen Daugherty wrote:
Hello XAFS community,

I recently upgraded to the new version of Demeter (0.9.20) for Mac and
am trying to run principal components analysis on my spectra. When I
click on "Principle components analysis" from the main menu, the window
shows the following message:
"PCA is not enabled on this computer.
The most likely reason is that the perl modules PDL and/or PDL::Stats
are not available."

Perhaps the solution here is simple, but I am not familiar with perl
modules and do not understand the source of the issue. I could not find
information about this problem in the Mail Archive, though I may have
missed something. Do I need to download the PDL perl modules separately
from the Demeter installation? Could there be files that are not located
in the proper directory? Or perhaps PCA is simply not available for Macs?

Please let me know if further information would help in solving this

Thank you!


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