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kaziz sameh kaziz_sameh at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 27 03:13:40 CST 2014

Dear All,I look for advice or document that can help me to fit the FT EXAFS data of Pd2Au36(SR)24.The situation is as follows:In the sample there is 3 sites of the Pd ( in staples, in surface or in the core). the spectrum that I have presents  a first bond of Pd_S and second bond of Pd_Au, so the palladium should be in the staples or in the surface because in core we cannot see Pd-S, but other results of the same sample confirm that the palladium is in core.I concluded that there is a mixture of some nano (x ) with Pd in staple and another nano(y) with Pd in core  such y>x.Note that I fit the data with Pd2Au36(SR)24 structure in which I put the 2 palladium in the staple and I have got a good fit (attached) but I think that is not logical.If you can help me with an idea how to fit this mixture, I would be very grateful.Kaziz. 
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