[Ifeffit] too small bond length in R space

ZHAN Fei zhanfei at ihep.ac.cn
Sun Nov 9 00:54:03 CST 2014

Dear all:
  I encounter a problem of exafs fit in an example of Mo which have Mo-O Mo-S Mo-Mo bond.The problem is that the Mo-O peak in R space has too small bond length (less than 1.4A(+0.5A for phase correction) ).Because when 1.2>rbkg>0.68 there is little change in spectrum of R and k space,and when I increase the value of rmin of forward Fourier transform the peak changes little,so I think it's not a noise.But when I try to fit it use the 1.35A path of Mo-O,I can't fit it well.
Could you give me some advise about fit too small bond length,or recommend papers of similar situation?
picture of R space is attached.
ihep of China

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