[Ifeffit] 32 Windows installer for testing

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Thu Jun 26 15:26:37 CDT 2014

On 06/26/2014 04:18 PM, Matt Newville wrote:
> All programs started for me on 32 bit Windows7.   Including Atoms, which
> seemed to run just fine for me (only tried one input file, but it worked
> and ran feff).
> Haven't tested other things thoroughly.....

Thanks Matt.  That's all helpful.

I removed the "pre6" file from my Amazon site.  I'll replace it for 
others to try by tomorrow morning at the latest.

> I did notice that the main Hephaestus window seemed a little short so
> that the "Element Data" data viewing / list box was essentially
> invisible until the main window was made taller....  Not sure if that
> shows up on other systems.

I'll take a look.  Thanks.


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