[Ifeffit] Aligning EXAFS E0 to Theory

Carter Abney abneycw at uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 5 09:50:14 CDT 2014

Edmund & Drew, thanks for your insights on the matter.  I think between the combination of your responses, things are making more sense.

Edmund, your question "Why?" is valid.  The answer is: "I misunderstood what was being done in the tutorials/literature."  There is plenty of documentation discussing E0 correction, I'm just new to EXAFS and thought this is what I was trying to do in the alignment menu (and thought this is what they were asking for in the tutorials, etc).  Drew, as you pointed out I don't actually want to adjust the whole spectrum in energy, just the position of E0 to better align the experimental data to the theoretical first shell.

So, to answer my own question (and make sure I'm actually understanding you):  1.)  I imported the data acceptably, but 2.) should adjust the E0 value for the experimental data by changing the pre-edge range, normalization range, and Rbkg.  I should be able to see the effects of these changes by plotting in k-space with my imported theoretical first shell.

Someone please (re)correct me if I'm still not getting it right.  Thanks again for the help.

- Carter

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