[Ifeffit] Problem with Demeter 0.9.18 pluck tool

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Sep 27 12:25:03 CDT 2013


I have 13.04 on several of my machines at work and at home.  I do not
see the behavior you are describing.  Let me try installing 13.04
fresh on one of my computers and see if the same thing happens.  If
not, I'll figure out how to troubleshoot.


On 09/27/2013 08:24 AM, Denis Testemale wrote:
> Dear members of the list,
> I finally got the opportunity to start using Dathena. I don't know if
> I've found a bug or if I'm doing something stupid (chances are not too
> low, actually...).
> - I am using Ubuntu 13.04
> - Demeter 0.9.18 (I did the upgrade to 0.9.18 but ran into some error
> messages as reported on September 10th on this list, could they be
> related to the behaviour I am reporting here?).
> - I cannot say if it worked before the upgrade to 0.9.18 since I never
> took the time to use Demeter properly until now.
> I'm trying to pick/pluck a value from the graph.
> - When I first launch Dathena, and I press a pluck button for the first
> time I can see the expected message at the bottom of the GUI ("Double
> click on a point to pluck its value ..."): as hard as I tried (I tried
> many different combinations) I could never get the thing to work
> (parameter value in the 'box' never records the value where I double
> click). After 10s I see the 'Pluck timed out' message.
> - Then, when I click again on the pluck button, a value is recorded
> instantly in the 'box' without any double-clicking from me, and this
> value is crazy. An example: for a low k parameter of the FT I get
> -100000. The example in the attached screenshot shows a value for the
> normalization range low limit at -107112.52eV (note that the E0 value is
> 'integrated' in this number: the iron edge at 7112.52, see screenshot. I
> tried another set of data, silver K edge and the same thing occured: a
> weird number, with the E0 value inside, got recorded in the 'box).
> - Same problem with Dartemis.
> Tell me what I can do to help... or what I'm doing stupid.
> Thanks.
> denis
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