[Ifeffit] problem with Demeter on non-unicode machine

Andrei Shiryaev a_shiryaev at mail.ru
Fri Sep 6 11:17:05 CDT 2013

 Dear Bruce,

I have a problem with running Demeter on non-unicode Win7/64 bit computer. The log file is attached. I am using the latest update and it is better than previous versions since at least something is happening, when I've tried previous Demeter versions, they just crashed immediately.

I am not an expert in programming, but I suspect that similar problem existed in one of the old version of IFEFFIT as was discussed with you in July 2008 in the mail list:

A followup to the unicode issue:

I use a tool called PerlApp to build stand-alone windows executables
of my codes.  While researching how it handles temporary directory
creation, I came across the following:


It would seem that the issue Kleper and Shiryaev are seeing is the
result of that bug, which has been resolved in recent versions of
PerlApp.  I was certainly using a version of PerlApp that showed this
problem when the previous installer was made.

I am now using version 7.2, so things should work fine for non-ascii
language speakers.  I will communicate with Kleper and Shiryaev off
the list to ask them to test the new installer.

B ==============

I would appreciate some advice how to handle the problem.


Andrei Shiryaev
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