[Ifeffit] Report problem in Demeter install

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Oct 25 16:00:47 CDT 2013


It is a bad use of my time to answer questions about the software
other than on the mailing list


You'll notice this email is CCed to the mailing list.  Any further
conversation on this topic must use the mailing list.

On 10/25/2013 04:38 PM, Charles Le Losq wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to install the demeter software but when I seach for
> dependencies with
> ./Build installdeps

> (as described here:
> http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/pods/installation.pod.html#Installing_from_packages)

Am I to assume that you are trying to build from source?  The link is
to the part of that page that discusses NOT building from source....

> (step 3b)
> this command actually don't work and don't exist... I seach for
> other commands with ./Build help but I did not found anything. What
> should I do to fix that ?

All the standard questions apply.  You really have to give me
something to work with....

   * Is this linux?

   * What version of linux?  Or whatever operating system you are

   * What version of perl?  (perl -v)

   * What version of gcc?   (gcc -v)

   * Did you successfully install Ifeffit and Pgplot?  (Step 1)

   * What happened when you did "perl Build.PL"?

   * Is cpan configured reasonably?  (Step 3a)

   * Did you read this: https://gist.github.com/waveform80/3959252 ?
     It's really helpful -- Dave Hughes did a bang-up job.

> In addition, I wanted to use this version in order to get the latest
> version of Athena... I have a issue with the one I got, it did not
> work when asking for normalization of more than 200 spectra in one
> run... On linux and mac... Is it a memory limitation ? How can I
> overpass that?

I've answered this question over a billion times times on the mailing
list.  Ifeffit, the backend Athena uses for its XAS functionality, is
written in Fortran.  Fortran has static memory allocation.  As
normally delivered Ifeffit can handle about 60 groups, given the way
Athena uses memory.

You have two options.  (1) Compile Ifeffit to use more memory.
Instructions can be found by searching the mailing list.  (2)
Live with the fact that you cannot do 200 spectra at a time.

As Matt has pointed out many times, Larch will fix this problem.  The
day when Athena can use Larch is fast approaching.  I'm getting there,
but I have a lot of things to do each day.  So it takes time.


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