[Ifeffit] Export chi(R) with different kw

Eugenio Otal eugenioh at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 14:42:02 CDT 2013

Dear Bruce,
you are right, the initial question was about Artemis and it works perfect.
Thanks again.

2013/10/12 Eugenio Otal <eugenioh at gmail.com>

> Hello Bruce,
> thanks the answer.
> Have a nice day.
> Regards, euG
> 2013/10/12 Eugenio Otal <eugenioh at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> I am fitting results and I would like to export the chi(R) with different
>> kw to show the change and remark the shell composed by light atoms from the
>> one composed by heavy ones, Is this possible?
>> Thanks in advance, euG
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