[Ifeffit] JFEFF/FEFF9 "Save&Run" no longer works after Java Update -- FEFFgroup announcement

Kevin Jorissen kevinjorissenpdx at gmail.com
Thu May 16 11:52:23 CDT 2013

Dear iFEFFIT community,

a short update from the FEFF developers team:

A recent Java update (Java 7 Update 21) broke some functionality of the
JFEFF interface for the FEFF program.  Users who update to J7U21 have
noticed that when they click "Save&Run" nothing happens: the FEFF programs
do not run and there is no output.

We think this issue will affect people on all Operating Systems.

To fix this issue there are two possibilities:

* Roll back Java to a previous version.  For security reasons please have
at least Java 7 Update 11, which was an important security update, or
newer.  Instructions for rolling back Java can be found online.

* We have updated JFEFF to work with the latest Java.  This latest (J)FEFF
version is not yet available on the official download website, but FEFF
users with a valid license can contact us and we will provide them with a
download link for the latest (J)FEFF.  Please contact us directly.

Users who currently have FEFF8 can upgrade to FEFF9 at any time at a
discounted rate.

Thank you to Linda Lim for her earlier post on the iFEFFIT ML.


Kevin Jorissen
FEFFgroup - University of Washington
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