[Ifeffit] Problem with running Demeter

Christopher Patridge patridge at buffalo.edu
Thu May 2 07:45:59 CDT 2013

Quick note,

I have been using this program for a few years and it has never removed 
needed DLL files from any of the computers I have used it on...  I in 
fact used it the other day.  Though I believe I have never checked a 
number of options that CCleaner gives you during it's "cleaning."  I 
have used the basic tools as Matt guessed and CC gives you options.  I 
guess you selected several of these options and performed a much more 
judicious cleaning.


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On 5/2/2013 8:02 AM, Matt Newville wrote:
> On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 2:00 AM, Alexander Riskin
> <alexander.riskin at uhasselt.be> wrote:
>> Dear Amativa,
>> Bruce is right, Ccleaner messed up your system and, unfortunately, beyond
>> repair. Ccleaner promises indeed to remove unused DLL's from your system but
>> is very bad at guessing which DLL's are really obsolete and has a tendency
>> to assume DLL's are unused instead of playing it safe. Therefore, this piece
>> of software needs to be handled by an expert hand, or you butcher your
>> system as you seem to have done. I know this because I made the exact same
>> mistake 16 years ago after which my windows 98 didn't even boot up anymore,
>> so I'm even surprised your pc is still running.
>> The solution to this problem? Complete reinstallation of your OS, trying to
>> manually repair is very complicated and time consuming. You will probably
>> run into similar problems with other applications as well because of missing
>> DLL's.
>> regards,
>> Alexander
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> Perhaps you're right, but this sounds a bit pessimistic to me.
> Surely, this program doesn't always mess up every computer to the
> point that the OS needs to be reinstalled.   It's not clear to me that
> it removes DLLs it deems are "not needed", or that this is what
> happened here.  I've not used this particular tool, but it looks to me
> like it removes truly unneeded files (browser caches, temp folders)
> and the cleans the registry.   If I had to, I'd guess the problem is
> in the registry, not in deleted files.   The  cleaner may have left a
> registry backup, or a system restore tool might help.   But if the
> system is working fine and only Demeter is not, I doubt the OS needs
> to be reinstalled.
> --Matt
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