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Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Mar 26 13:45:19 CDT 2013

As others said, it is not my intention that A&A be used for publication quality plots, although part of the motivation to make Demeter, as compared to the earlier version, was not make prettier plots.  I, in fact, use screen captures of the plot window regularly in presentations and posters.  But I also do as the others advised -- I export the data to ascii column files and make dedicated plots for my publications.

Even aside from the fact that I chose not to make Demeter into a fully featured scientific plotting tool, it is wise to spend some time thinking hard about your plots for publication.  Figures are part of the story you are telling in your paper.  It is good for you and good for your reader if you spend the time to make beautiful, expressive plots using a highly capable plotting tool.

> Can I change the figure legends? I used sample 1 and I want to give it a different name

Yes.  That's easy.  Group menu -> Rename current group.  Or Shift-ctrl-l.  Or double click on the data group in the group list.

> Can I use special characters (e.g. Greek letters)?

Not conveniently.  Strictly speaking, if you observe the weird formatting rules of the underlying plotting tool, you can do so.  For example, if you you change "Sample 1" to "Sample {/Symbol a}" it will be printed in the legend of the plot as "Sample α".  But then you will have a weirdly named data group in the group list.  (The rest of the Greek characters are made in the same way.  "Sample {/Symbol S}" = "Sample Σ" and so on.)

I have never actually thought about how to make it possible to give a group a sensible name and have special characters plotted in the legend.  It doesn't seem like a high priority, but I could be persuaded.

> Can I adjust the resolution for different formats (talk vs. publication)?

Your best bet by FAR is to export the data as ascii column files and use your favorite plotting tool to export into a vector format, such as PDF or SVG.  The beauty of vector formats is that they can rescale without loss of quality.

> I am running Demeter under XP.

You might consider upgrading.  There have been a lot of bug fixes and new features since then.   One such feature is the ability to export the most recent plot as a PNG or PDF file.


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