[Ifeffit] Disable duplicate data group check

Bruce Ravel bruceravel1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 12:57:48 CDT 2013


The next release will provide a way to temporarily disable that check as well as a few others that look for bad practice mistakes (as opposed to genuine show stoppers).

Mean time, Chris's suggestion is good workaround.


Jason Gaudet <jason.r.gaudet at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Not a bug this time, but a feature that occasionally frustrates me.
>Artemis does a sanity check prior to fitting, and if it detects a
>has two instances of the same Athena data group, it will refuse to fit
>new data.  IME this is not a particularly helpful warning, and a major
>hassle if I'm trying a couple different treatments of the same data to
>how the FEFF fit is affected.
>(The message is "This data came from the the same source as another
>group.  You seem to be trying to increase your number of independent
>by fitting the same data more than once in a multiple data set fit."
>But of
>course I'm not doing this; only one dupe is being fitted at a time.)
>I don't see any option in the Artemis preferences to disable this
>which means I have to spend effort deleting and loading data sets, and
>keeping a "dummy" data set I don't really care about to collect all my
>paths in.  Is the possibility of extremely novice users trying to fit
>multiple instances of the same data such a serious threat that this
>function needs to exist?  Is there any possibility of disabling this
>or giving an option to disable it in the Preferences?  It would save me
>from the occasional headache ...
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