[Ifeffit] DAthena crashes when reconstructing data from PCA

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Jun 14 08:18:31 CDT 2013

On 06/11/2013 09:25 PM, Scott Calvin wrote:

> Athena is crashing every time I try to "Reconstruct Data" in the PCA
> dialog. It doesn't seem to matter what data I use, or what space I'm
> working in (mu or chi), or how many components I use in the
> reconstruction.

> I'm using Demeter 0.9.17 with Ifeffit 1.2.11d, under Windows 8
> running in Parallels 8 running under OS 10.8.4 on a MacBook Pro.

> The log file for the latest crash is below. If you'd like a project
> file too, let me know, but it happens, e.g., with the gold
> cyanobacteria project file, and with every data set I've tried.

Hi Scott,

I do not see this behavior on any of my computers (which include
native WinXp and Win7 machines and linux) and I am having trouble
guessing from the log file you attached a possible cause of the

Possibility #1: you are using a configuration that I cannot test.  I
have never used Parallels and none of my computers are running Windows
8.  I'd be surprised if either is the cause of the problem, though.
It seems surprising that Athena would get that deeply into its
operations before running into a platform-related problem.  That said,
I'd be interested to know if you see this on a native Win7 or WinXP

Possibility #2: you have figured out some combination of mouse clicks
and button presses that I have never tested.  The problem you are
seeing is that the group considered current (i.e. the one that should
be the target of the reconstruction) has become unset.  Typically,
when you click on an item in the group list, Athena will assign that
as the current data set.  It will then run a simple test to see if it
was among the data groups included in the PCA decomposition.  If so,
the "reconstruct" button is enabled.  If not, the TT button is

I cannot find a compbination of events that leaves me in a state that
unsets this, resulting in your stack trace.  So without further
instruction, I don't know how to go about solving the problem.


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