[Ifeffit] Demeter 0.9.15

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Thu Feb 28 07:42:27 CST 2013


Today I released an update to Demeter and tagged version 0.9.15 it at

Windows users can download the updater package from

Source code installation instructions are near the end of that page.

Windows users will notice a new download link for a documentation
package.  Simply download that package and double-click on it to
install the Users' Guides for Athena and Artemis on your computer.  If
installing from source, the documents will be built and installed as
part of the installation.

There are a lot of swell new features and important bug fixes in this
version.  Some of the highlights are:

 * A fix for last week's report of problems with reference channels

 * Much improved performance by Athena once data is loaded

 * Direct links to document pages scattered throughout Athena and
   Artemis.  If you have installed the documentation package, the
   local version will be displayed in a web browser.  If the
   documentation package is absent, the programs will attempt to
   fetch the relevant document page from my github site.

 * Plucking points from the plotting window now works much more

For the full list, see 

For those following the development of Matt's Larch project, I have
begun work on making Demeter use Larch rather than Ifeffit as its data
processing backend.  This is going well -- thus far, Athena can import
data and do basic data processing using only Larch.  Interaction with
Larch is normally disabled.  If anyone is interested in following
along with that development more closely, let me know and I will write
a wiki page about how to enable Larch support in Demeter.



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