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Thu Feb 28 07:33:41 CST 2013

Dear all,

I am following Bruce’s video presentation on the Artemis case of FeS2, and have a beginner’s question here.

There is a configuration of    S1 ---- Fe ---- S2 . 

In order to use the existing sigma^2 defined for single scattering path of [Fe – S], Bruce applied linear combination for the following paths:

Fe ---- S1 ---- S2 ---- Fe         Sigma^2 of this path = sigma^2 [Fe – S] *2

Fe ---- S1 ---- Fe ---- S2 ---- Fe   Sigma^2 of this path = sigma^2[Fe – S) *2

Fe ---- S1---- Fe ---- S1 ---- Fe   Sigma^2 of this path = sigma^2 [Fe – S] *4 

Hence the question is, why the third path multiplies 4 while the other two paths multiply 2? For me they should all be 2.



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