[Ifeffit] Merging data in Athena

Christopher Patridge patridge at buffalo.edu
Wed Feb 27 07:24:20 CST 2013


It seems rather unconventional to try and merge data which has different 
energy grid spacing?  I thought the main point of merging data is to 
reduce the noise and uncertainty of a measurement.  I am not sure how 
the exact method of merging data is implemented but I don't think it is 
fair to call this a bug as a result of a unique situation.  Could you or 
have you reinterpolate one spectrum?

Chris Patridge

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On 2/26/2013 6:55 PM, George Sterbinsky wrote:
> I am writing to make you aware of what I believe to be a bug in 
> (D)Athena.  To demonstrate the problem, I have attached a project file 
> containing two groups. Both groups have the same energy range but were 
> measured with slightly different point spacings. Attempting to merge 
> the two groups results in Athena excluding one of the groups from the 
> merge "for being too short."
> Thank you,
> George
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