[Ifeffit] Importing Multiple Data Sets into Athena

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Feb 20 15:41:31 CST 2013

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 11:56:25 AM John Hayes wrote:
> Thank you for your reply. I find your lack of faith...disturbing, 

You are criticizing me for not having faith in you and your email
address is ginger.jesus at .  I think I would be well justified in
ignoring you out of hand.

Begrudgingly, I won't.  And I will address your problem as best as I

I want to stress that the quality of a response to an issue raised on
this mailing list is highly correlated to the quality of the bug
report.  You wanted me to look into a problem importing the reference
channel and you presented a problem that appeared to be one of
experimental design -- a problem common enough to have been discussed
within the last few weeks.  Reasonably enough, I responded to the
problem as I understood it.

> but understand your concerns about the data I sent as they were just
> test files we collected when we were setting up the beam. However, I
> do not think the abridged range is the cause of the problem, as I
> wasl having issues importing real data as well (i.e. -150 eV
> pre-edge and k=12 post edge).  These spectra files are attached,
> along with the error log file and the dathena.log file that was
> recorded when importing these files.

You are correct.  When importing multiple data sets through the HXMA
filetype plugin, the reference channels for all but the first file are
imported incorrectly.  I am not yet sure what is causing the problem,
but I will look into it and try to have a solution in place for the
next release.

Unfortunately, the only workaround entirely within Athena is to import
the data one at a time.

Another possibility is to write yourself a little program that strips
out columns 2 (or possibly 4), 6, 7, and 13-20 from the original files
and writes out files that Athena can read without the plugin.



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