[Ifeffit] Importing Multiple Data Sets into Athena

John Hayes ginger.jesus at usask.ca
Tue Feb 19 15:33:26 CST 2013


I am having some issues when importing multiple data sets into Athena. When
I try to import more than one file at a time only the reference sample data
from the first file are imported and the subsequent files do not import the
reference data (only a straight line is imported). There is an error that
is reported, and I have saved the error log [log.txt] and attached it in
the zip file (as well as the dathena.log file and some sample spectra
files). The spectra files are of the Mo K-edge and the reference is an Mo
foil. These spectra were collected using the HXMA beamline, and as such, I
am using the HXMA plug-in to import the data. The relevant columns for the
reference are:

col 2: energy
col 6: I1
col 7: I2

I searched the archive and found what I think is a similar issue (link:
www.mail-archive.com/ifeffit at millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov/msg03454.html), and
hope I'm not over-reporting the error (sorry in advance if I am), but the
previous report seemed somewhat different, in that there was an issue with
the wrong edge being chosen for the test and ref data (best I can tell). I
do have the work around of importing each file individually, so this is no
more than an inconvenience, but I thought I'd report it and see if maybe
someone had some up with a more elegant solution.

I am currently using version 9.14 on a 64-bit windows platform.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help the community can provide!

John Hayes

The Grosvenor Group
Dept. of Chemistry
University of Saskatchewan

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